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Why do we dig in the dirt?

Raising our animals, handling our plants, and working the land with the greatest care and consideration, in a way that respects our environment, are the core values on which we base our farming practices at Raccoon Bend Farms


Lee & Alicia DuCote grew up in NE Louisiana. Lee with a background in traditional crop farming and Alicia with a background in horse & cattle ranching. After living in Tennessee & Arkansas, and traveling the world learning about all that sustainable living & regenerative farming has to offer Lee & Alicia returned home to Louisiana to put what they have learned on their travels into practice on a small urban farm in North Bossier Parish with hopes to provide the community with healthy clean food. 

Raccoon Bend Farms was born in 1998 when the DuCotes purchased the property for a pasture for their horses. Upon moving back to Louisiana they decided to renovate the 21 year old horse barn into a bardaminium and the pasture into market produce gardens based on using Non- GMO seeds & organic practices; which means no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. 

Alicia has a passion for wellness, cooking, extreme adventure and teaching those around her how to eat clean, care for their bodies and care for the environment. She loves pouring into youth and primarily works as a youth minister. 

Lee DuCote is a modern entrepreneur and renaissance man. He is an author, film maker, & farmer. You can find more about him at


WE HAVE HEN FRUIT! Our girls are a bit spoiled to say the least. They have over an acre to roam and 'free range'.

The girls are fed a diet of organic feed & get to come to the market garden to to help 'rid' the garden of unwanted pests. 

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